Wire Products Series
  + Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire
  + Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
  + Black Iron Wire
  + PVC Coated Iron Wire
Wire Mesh Series
  + Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  + Brass Wire Mesh
  + Mesh for Oil Industry
  + Square Hole Wire Mesh
  + Welded Wire Mesh
  + Crimped Wire Mesh
  + Hexagonal Wire Mesh
  + Black Wire Cloth
  + Window Screening
  + Wire Mesh Discs
  + Expanded Metal Plate
  + Punching Hole Mesh
  + Chain Link Fence
  + Barbed Wire
  + Breeding Mesh & Cage
  + Barbecue Grills
  + Conveyor Belt
  + Filter Wire Mesh
  + Filter Series
  + Mine Sieving Mesh
+ Our Products +
We offer stainless steel wire mesh plain weave from 2 mesh to 400 mesh, twill weave from 250mesh to 400mesh, Dutch weave from 24mesh x 110mesh to 200mesh x 1800mesh. For brass wire mesh, we provide specifications from 2mesh to 220mesh, wire diameter ranging from 1.6mm to 0.05mm. We also manufacture other specifications at requirements of customers. For details of our products, please refer to links below.
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
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